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Android Training Bangalore

  • Android Training Bangalore

    JLC which is a high profiled Android Training Bangalore Center provides best Training on Android. Our Android App Development course will provide you in-depth understanding of how to build and deploy applications for Android phones and tablets, using the Java programming language.

  • Android Training

  • Learning a programming language which is sure to dominate the smart phone market in the coming years is like earning in gold and storing it for future use. Anyone getting trained in Android now will have the first mover advantage and many corporate giants are yet to enter the App market as a mainstream business.

    Android is one of the most prevalent and flavored platform throughout the world. Currently, Android has a market share of 57% in the worldwide smart phone market. Android programming language is backed and developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance.

    Here, the market had opened the door to the developers all over the world. Android Application development has less restrictive when compared to other applications. Android is based on Linux Platform which provides easy environment and functionality to develop mobile apps.

  • Features of Android at JLC

    • Core Java
    • Getting started with android
    • Android applications Building User interface
    • Data stores
    • Add Location and Maps
    • Android security model
    • Android media API
    • Adding Styles to Android apps
    • Posting photos from Android apps

  • Android Training Bangalore at JLC

  • Android training Bangalore has also gained a major importance in the recent years, with a number of training institutes here and there. At JLC, we train and tune the fresh graduates into professional Android Test Engineers.

    Our Android trainers are subject experts, Industry experienced and real time workers. Our expert's faculty will give full hands-on in Android Application Development. It's a corporate training. We will work throughout the session on Android and it is designed to cover from basic level to professional level. Our Class room training will enable you to master Android and latest Information Technology courses.

    Come and have fun building your own app. We make you feel the same kind of easiness and pleasure we experience with this wonderful mobile OS.
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